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Green Beef Tripe - Ground


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Green beef tripe is packed with nutrients that will help boost your pet's health. It's high in protein and amino acids that will help build muscle and repair tissue. Tripe is also loaded with digestive enzymes and probiotics that will improve your dog's gut flora and improve their digestive system. Tripe has a perfect 1:1 Calcium to Phosphorus ratio and also contains manganese, an essential micromineral, in substantial amounts, as well as iron, zinc, copper, selenium and vitamins, A, C, D and E . All of which are essential in carnivore health. Containing omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, green tripe has it all! These fatty acids can help boost your dog’s immune system, reduce join inflammation, and help maintain a gorgeous glossy coat and healthy skin.

This product is pure ground green beef tripe, cut into small cubes for easy handling.

Available in 1/4 pound pucks. Sold by the pound (lb).
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