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Smoked Pig Ear


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If you’re looking for a consumable treat that will also satisfy your pup’s insatiable need to chew, pig ears offer a natural and flavorful treat for dogs that also improves their health when fed properly. Anyone that has a dog should consider giving their dog pig ears to snack on. They are a healthy alternative that your dog will enjoy. Dogs love to chew, so if you don’t give them something to chew on, they will eat the things that you don’t want them to.

Is it safe? Pig ears are one of the safest chew to give to your dogs compared to RAWHIDE. These chews are a tasty and popular digestible treat. For any dog, these chews must be given recreationally as it is high in fat content. Moderation is key. As a recommended guideline, a medium sized active dog should not have more than one 1-2 pig ears per week. AND as for any chews, you must always supervise your dog while treating.

Why get pig ears from us? Our pig ears are processed naturally, without the use of DYES AND FLAVOURINGS. Not every product sold as a "pig ear" is as natural as you might think. Some products might actually be rawhide shaped to look like a pig's ear. Others might have additives like liquid smoke or unnecessary preservatives.