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Our blue mussel treats for dogs have a unique fishy taste and are sustainably sourced from Canadian fisheries.

These seafood treats may help reduce joint pain and general inflammation in the body, thanks to high levels of omega-3 fatty acids that are in it. Blue mussel dog treats make a wonderful meal topper or training snack. 

Nothing but sustainably sourced blue mussel from Canadian fisheries.

Cooling Energy Protein

According to traditional Chinese medicine, blue mussel is considered to be a cool protein. When eaten, it increases the cool energies in the dog’s body. It is especially recommended for dogs that have excess hot energy.
Eating “cool proteins” can help bring a “hot dog’s” body to a neutral and balanced energy.

The daily recommended amount of treats varies on your dog's size.

Dog Size:
  Small Dogs (11-20 lbs) : 1-2 treats
  Medium Dogs (21-50 lbs) : 2-4 treats
  Large Dogs (51-90 lbs) : 4-6 treats

Feed to your pet as a healthy treat, not intended to replace your dog or cat's regular diet.

100 grams / 3.5 ounces