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BIFIDO FOR FIDO - Gut health for dogs

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From Four Leaf Rover;

Bifido For Fido (Multi-Strain Probiotics With Organic Prebiotics) is a veterinary formulated blend of 13 proven probiotic strains. These gut-healthy probiotics help produce vitamins, digestive enzymes and short chain fatty acids and are well researched in both dogs and humans. 

BFF probiotics are carefully selected for their abilities to:

  • Help battle Candida
  • Help promote immune function
  • Help support good digestion
  • Help soothe diarrhea
  • Help produce vitamin K and B vitamins for better health

Not all probiotics are probiotic! Every probiotic strain in BFF is chosen for its ability to survive the stomach environment and deliver health benefits to the gut. Researched for their benefits in dogs, Like Protect, Bifido For Fido also contains Saccharmyces boulardii, a beneficial yeast that can help maintain a healthy gut flora during antibiotic use and to battle yeast and candida.