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Black Sheep Organics - Lemongrass & Mint Organic Off-Leash Spray 4oz

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From the Manufacturer:

This freshly scented natural dog spray pairs perfectly with our Lemongrass & Mint Shampoo. It helps to ease the discomfort of itchy dog skins and smelly wet coat after outdoor activities like camping, hiking or just everyday walking for our four-legged friends. Some essential oils in it are insects repellent so you can use before outdoor activities too. It is with short ingredient list and fabulously gentle. No overwhelming smell as it is only scented by essential oil. No artificial fragrance, paraben free, cruelty-free dog spray.


Ethanol - grain derived
Vegetable glycerin* - moisturizers                                                                                                        
Sulfated castor oil - to allow oils to blend with water
Cedar essential oil* - antiseptic
Cypress essential oil* - calming, anti-bacterial, beneficial for outdoor activities
Eucalyptus essential oil* - anti-inflammatory
Lemongrass essential oil* - calming
Peppermint essential oil* - beneficial for off-leash fun
Geoguard ECT - paraben free mild preservative 

*Certified organic