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Ultimate Triple Plus - Chicken, Beef, Pork, + Fish

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Now offering tubes unwrapped! We unwrap as ordered, please wait for your ready for pick up notification. 

All the protein your pup needs in one delicious bite with Triple Plus Chicken, Beef, Pork, & Fish! Our complete and nutritious formula is sure to fuel your dogs every adventure. With all four proteins, including an omega 3 source, your pup will love the beef tripe in every bite. Yum!

Ground chicken with bone, beef muscle meat, pork muscle meat, salmon and beef tripe. 

This is a complete diet with approximately 10% bone (calcium) content and 10% beef organs (liver & kidney) as well as 5% beef heart for an added boost of taurine. 

Available in the 1 Lb chubs only. Sold by the pound. A case is 40 LBS


40% Meaty Chicken Carcass

10% Salmon Carcass

5% Beef Muscle Meat

5% Pork Muscle Meat

20% Beef Tripe

5% Beef Heart

5% Beef Liver

5% Beef Kidney

5% Beef Lung

Why the Name Change?

This was formally known as BPS. We are using our in house manufacturer to produce a very similar product with more consistent ingredients. Formally BPS was an unknown fish content (different white fish and/or salmon) and different organs as available. Our new Triple Plus is always salmon, and always beef organ and ALWAYS the same ingredients.

This is a non-returnable product