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E-Collar Comfort Pads

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These attachments are compatible ONLY with E-Collar Technologies products and will not work with other brands.

Compatible with:

  • ET-300
  • FT-330
  • ET-400
  • ET-800
  • UL-1200
  • EZ-900
  • PE-900
  • RX-090
  • RX-120
  • 300TS
  • 400TS

From the manufacturer:

If your dog is sensitive to collar contact points or will be wearing an e-collar for extended periods of time, E-Collar Technologies recommends comfort adapter contact points. Comfort adapter pads help redistribute the pressure of the contact points, making the collar more comfortable for your dog to wear. Remember to consider your dog's coat length and density when choosing contact points and comfort pads so your dog’s collar will work correctly. 


Manufacturer's warranty info can be found here: https://www.ecollar.com/pages/warranty-returns-and-cancellation