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Fulvic Trace Minerals for Pets

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Trace minerals are essential for the health of pets, just as they are for humans. They can help to improve a pet’s coat and skin, increase their energy levels, strengthen their immune system and even aid with digestion. Trace minerals also play a role in the metabolism of vitamins and other nutrients that pets need in order to stay healthy. By providing trace minerals for pets, pet owners can ensure that their furry family members are receiving the essential nutrients they need to thrive.

Directions: Place 1 drop per 10 pounds of your pet’s weight into non-chlorinated water or into their food daily.

What is Fulvic Acid?

"From plant life to animal life, fulvic acid plays an extensive role in transporting nutrients in and out of cells, facilitating biological trash removal, “digesting” inorganic compounds and balancing cellular electrolytes. It acts as a go-between by converting inorganic substances into their organic bioavailable forms.

Fulvic acid can do this because it has a high affinity for ionic particles, forming complex ionic trace mineral bonds between them. One molecule of fulvic acid is capable of holding up to 60 other ionic particles or trace minerals!

Inside the body, this translates to significantly improved absorption of trace minerals and other essential nutrients. Apart from this, Fulvic Acid also alters a cell’s membrane, making it more permeable and allowing more nutrients to pass through. Furthermore, it helps the gut to be more hospitable to probiotic bacteria, ensuring more nutrients can be processed and produced by them, in turn providing more for us as a whole."