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GUT GUARD - For dogs with irritated, leaky guts

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From Four Leaf Rover;

Dogs often struggle with itchy, rashy skin, digestive issues, inflammation disorders and kidney issues on and off their whole lives. Sometimes it’s worse, like an autoimmune disease.

After plenty of vet visits and misdiagnoses, pet owners are often finding the root cause of these problems is actually Leaky Gut. 

Leaky Gut is referred to as the “Great Imitator”. It’s what happens when your dog’s gut lining is inflamed, it becomes more permeable. That’s when toxins, allergens and bacteria can leak into the blood causing common allergy-like symptoms and immune disorders.

Gut Guard is a robust formula created to supply beneficial bacteria back into your dog’s body with gut-soothing herbs and foods.

Formulated By A Vet

Every ingredient in Gut Guard has been highly researched and carefully sourced by veterinarian Patricia Jordan. This safe and effective formulation is designed to help soothe and support a dogs gut.

Tough & Robust Probiotics

Gut Guards synergistic combination of prebiotics, probiotics and soothing ingredients are much more likely to survive the harsh gut environment than traditional probiotics. This makes it a powerful alternative to traditional probiotics and medications. 

There’s a probiotic strain called “Pediococcus acidilactis”. It’s often found in fermented vegetables. It’s been known to survive extreme ranges of pH and temperature, which makes it a staple towards healing leaky guts.

A Healthy Gut’s Best Friend

The organic herbs and foods in Gut Guard help control inflammation in the digestive tract. The natural prebiotics are there to help restore the good bacteria colonies.