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SEVEN 'SHROOMS- Organic mushroom mix

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From Four Leaf Rover;

The demand for mushrooms is growing. People are aware of their ability to support the immune system, making Immunity one of our most requested products.

Immunity is a veterinary formulated blend of seven organic mushrooms.

The mushrooms in Immunity have been hand-picked to help support your dog’s immune system. Our double extraction process makes sure that the beneficial beta-glucans and triterpenoids are bioavailable and ready to help balance your dog’s immune system.

You can expect high-quality from Immunity because all of our mushrooms are grown on real wood in greenhouses. 

This is not a common practice, as one might think. Most mushroom products are mycelium and grown in bags of oats, sorghum or other grains.

This process is cheaper for the manufacturers and the whole mushroom (which is the source of  beta-glucans and other active ingredients) is never actually used. This results in a “mushroom” product that lacks highly rich components your dog deserves.

Even though the FDA doesn’t allow mycelium products to call themselves “mushrooms” on their labels (because its lacking key properties), it still happens.

Manufacturers get around this by adding trace amounts of the fruiting body just so they can call their product mushroom.

So how can you tell the difference between real mushrooms and the other guy (mycelium)?

Simply look or ask for the beta-glucan content.

You can feel good about giving your dog Immunity. It is third party tested for beta-glucan content so your dog gets the mushroom qualities he needs:

Our Beta-Glucan Content Breakdown:

Turkey Tail - 53%
Reishi - 47%
Cordyceps - 27%
Maitake - 36%
Phellinus - 23%
Shiitake - 32%
Chaga - 16%

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail is known for its immune balancing benefits thanks to two important immune modulating beta-glucans: PSK & PSP. Plus, Turkey Tail can support liver function and gut health.


Chaga’s rich beta-glucan content can help support the heart, intestine and liver health. It’s also loaded with polyphenols which are plant-based antioxidants that can diminish free radical damage.


Cordyceps is a multi-functioning mushroom that’s been known to help support the airways, the liver and kidneys. Cordyceps is stocked full of polysaccharides that help a protein called cytokines enable the growth of healthy blood cells. This helps the body’s immune and inflammatory response.


Phellinus is a potent mushroom rich in beta-glucans and proteoglycns (PGs). Research shows its rich immune-boosting functions can help support cell health and a normal detox processes in the body.


Maitake is, yet another mushroom with exceptional immune enhancing content. It’s loaded with beta-glucans and D-fraction, that’s been researched as a powerful immune booster.


Reishi is known as the “mushroom of immortality”, and so it should be! Its anti-inflammatory and antihistamine qualities stem from rich sources of antioxidants, ganoderic acid and triterpenoids that come straight from the mushroom itself.


Shiitake’s not just fun to say, but it’s been shown to support the gut in digestion, allergy response and urinary health. This mushroom is stocked with beta-glucans, lentinan (which can support immunity and the heart), and enzymes like amino acids, amylase and minerals (zinc).