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Jolly Flyer

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Jolly Pets Jolly Flyer Dog Toy is literally the ultimate flyer. Made from non-toxic rubber, this flyer is perfect for playing frisbee, chewing or playing tug with. The titanium tough yet velvety softness of this toy makes it easy on your hands and comfortable for your dog’s mouth. Easy-to-grab, the Flyer won’t puncture or rip, making is a great choice for dog’s that love to play hard.

Jolly Pets Jolly Flyer Dog Toy also cleans and massages your dog’s teeth because of its contoured ridges. Perfect for the field and the beach, this flyer can fly high and float for ultimate frisbee fun. The Jolly Flyer comes in small and large and also blue or orange. Ships Canada-wide.

Why We Recommend Jolly Pets Jolly Flyer Dog Toy:

  • Made from non-toxic rubber
  • Titanium tough and super soft
  • Will not rip or puncture
  • Help’s to clean dog’s teeth

Cleaning Instructions:

Clean with mild soap and warm water

Sizing Dimensions:

Small 7.5″