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Livstrong Pancreas Support

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From the manufacturer;

Chicory root is a natural prebiotic for people and pets. Its most impressive quality is the high levels of Inulin. Your dog’s gut needs good bacteria to help balance it, and Inulin feeds and supports the good bacteria found in your furry friend’s gut. Along with the many minerals, vitamins, and inulin fiber, chicory root produces and holds an abundance of antioxidants. Horsetail is an anti-inflammatory containing salicylic and is best known for promoting bone healing and strengthing connective tissue. We packaged it in a recyclable jar with a 1/4 teaspoon for easy serving.

Dog & Cat Supplement

May support the health of the digestive system

Veterinary Health Product:  NN.W7E7

Ingredients: Chicory Root & Horsetail

For oral use on food, recommended dose:

Feeding Guide

Made in Canada