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Livstrong Yak Milk + Superfood Topper

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From the manufacturer;

Yak milk is great for picky eaters and is very palatable. This meal topper makes an excellent addition to your pet's diet for added nutrients, ensuring a happy, healthy pet. Yak Milk is rich in protein, vitamins & minerals, lactose-free, and low in fat. Sprinkle on top or mix into kibble, freeze-dried, raw, or homemade meals. We packaged it in a recyclable black jar with a 1/4 teaspoon for easy serving.

Dog & Cat Meal Topper 

Ingredients: Yak Milk & Chamomile

For oral use on food

Recommended dose: 1 serving = 1/4 tsp per 10lbs / 4.54kg of body weight

*When introducing any new product to your pet's diet, do so gradually*