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Marrow Bones


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Available in 1.5 - 2", 3"-4", & 6" sizes (approximate length).

Marrow bones are considered recreational only. Generally dogs like to eat the marrow out of the center of the bone and chew a bit on the sides. All recreational bones should be served with caution and consideration of the type of chewer your dog is. 

Sold by the pound (lb).

1.5 - 2" = approx. 2-3 bones per pound
3"-4" = approx. 1-2 bones per pound
6" = approx. 1 bone per 1.5 - 2 pound

Please enter the number of pounds you would like to order in the "quantity" box.

This product is hand-cut by the manufacturer. All lengths are approximate. We are unable to accommodate requests to hand-select specific lengths/widths of bones.

Supervision is recommended with all bones and chews.

This is a non-returnable product

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