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PROTECT - Soil based probiotics

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From Four Leaf Rover;

PROTECT is formulated with ingredients that help support your dog’s brain and immune system. It can be used daily and is rich in:

Soil-Based Probiotics

These probiotics have proven to be robust species that can easily survive changes in pH and temperature levels (unlike traditional probiotics). This means they can better colonize and fulfill health benefits. 

Saccharomyces boulardii

Fight off yeast and Candida with Saccharomyces boulardii. It’s a good probiotic yeast that helps support your dog’s gut.

Certified Organic Wild Blueberry Powder

Wild Blueberries can help maintain a healthy gut flora, support brain function and fight off oxidative stress.

Bentonite Clay, Chlorella, Humic & Fulvic Acid

PROTECT contains chlorella, bentonite clay, humic and fulvic acid to assist in daily detoxification from toxins, chemicals and pesticides. 

Organic Dandelion & Burdock Root

Functional prebiotics that support a healthy gut.


PROTECT is veterinary formulated and ideal for every day use. It can be given to all dogs, even the ones dealing with immune or digestive challenges.

The SBOs (Soil-based probiotics) are species of bacteria from in soil. 

These SBOs are spore-forming and can form a hard shell that protects them from high temperatures, stomach acid and some antibiotics. 

There are even some antibiotics made from SBOs for this same reason. 

And there’s good news for dogs who have an allergy to dairy. Unlike a lot of probiotics that come from dairy (like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium), SBOs in PROTECT are hypoallergenic.