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Ultimate Surf n' Turf - Salmon & Beef

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Now offering tubes unwrapped! We unwrap as ordered, please wait for your ready for pick up notification. 

Experience the ultimate in canine nutrition with the Ultimate Surf n' Turf! This delicious blend only contains beef organ and tripe with wild-caught salmon, all rich in essential vitamins and minerals for an unbeatable performance boost. Get the flavors and nutritional value your pup needs without poultry or unhealthy additives - perfect for dogs with allergies!

Ingredients: 40% Whole Ground Salmon, 40% Beef Muscle Meat, 10% Green Beef Tripe and 10 % Beef Organ (5% Liver & 5% Kidney). 

This diet is complete for the average dog. Since the only source of bone is from the salmon, we do not recommend this as an exclusive diet for puppies or young dogs. However, this is an excellent option for seniors who do better with lighter bone, and the higher omega 3 is amazing for managing inflammation in the body. 

Available in the 1 Lb chubs only. Sold by the pound. A case is 40 LBS

This product is manufactured by Rawbone.