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The Double Handle Lead

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"Unique products from soft, poly-coated webbing that stays incredibly flexible in freezing temperatures making it the superior choice over conventional dog gear. Our 99% waterproof & water-resistant dog collars, leads and harnesses are easy to wash and will look great and stay stink-free, bacteria-free, and mold-free for many years." - SmellyDogz.com

The Double Handle Lead

The Double Handle Lead is an excellent option that offers greater control for you and your dog. The extra handle is a valuable asset when you want or need to keep your dog close and within reach.  Great for all sized dogs.  The Double Handle Lead is an excellent training tool, especially in unfamiliar areas where you and your dog want to exercise greater control.

6 FT Length

Both handles lined (with foam-like material) for greater comfort

Gunmetal fittings

Waterproof & Weatherproof