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Earth Rated Easy-Tie Handle Bags | 120 Bags (Unscented)

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  • Convenient handles for easy-tying
  • 100% Leak-Proof Guarantee
  • Extra-wide bags, great for cat litter scoops
  • Dispenses single bags directly from the box
  • Our top pick for anyone who struggles with opening bags
  • Also available in Lavender

Product Description

Prefer knotting your bag handles together? We have a bag for that! Our easy-tie handle bags are super convenient at a moment’s notice, and the extra-wide opening makes them a purr-fect fit for cat litter scoops.

"Dark Green Poop Bags
Our dark-green coloured bags are made from PE and for countries outside of the EU/UK, contain the Totally Degradable Plastic Additive (made by EPI) and fall within the definition of oxo-biodegradable. The TDPA additive is added to the bag mixture and allows an acceleration of the breakdown time (60% degradation within 24 months) when the bag is exposed to anaerobic landfill conditions (heat, oxygen, agitation and moisture). It is super important to properly dispose used poop bags in the trash. That way it’s destined for landfill and will be within a controlled environment exposed to the right conditions to breakdown." Earth Rated ©