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Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil


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 Giving your pets a salmon oil supplement in their food is a great way to ensure a healthy immune system. Fatty acids found in our salmon oil have anti-inflammatory properties and can benefit your pet’s coat and skin. 

Rest assured, Life Line wild salmon oil is 100% natural. It is produced in a dedicated processing facility in Alaska from freshly caught, sustainably harvested salmon utilizing a “cold” extraction method that ensures the viability of our oil. Immediately after extraction, natural mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E) are added to maintain freshness. This thorough filtration process results in a pure, unadulterated extra virgin salmon oil rich in health-promoting omega-3s as well as a naturally balanced “formula” of over 30 other distinct fatty acid molecules (latest lab results). Natural EPA and DHA levels in our oil reflect those actually found in wild salmon, enhancing bioavailability and reducing the risk of over consumption that may exist in highly concentrated, denatured alternatives. 

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