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Wild Tuna & Alaska Pollock Oil

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Our wild caught tuna oil and wild Alaska pollock oil are combined to provide our highest levels of Omega Fatty Acids available in one of Life Line’s fish oil products. Tuna oil contains one of the highest levels of DHA of any marine fish and, for that reason, is typically used for manufacturing baby formula. Wild Alaska pollock, a cousin of the cod, is an excellent source of Omega-3 EPA.

These ultra-high levels of Omega-3 make this product good for young or pregnant pets. DHA is an important structural component in the brain and can make a puppy more responsive to training. (IAMS completed a study showing puppies with a DHA supplements outperformed puppies who had no supplement).

While Omega-3’s are important for brain, eye, and heart health, it’s not possible to get the daily supplemental dosage through kibble food alone. Adding fish oil to your puppy and or/kitten’s or pregnant pets’ food is the best method for ensuring they receive the adequate dose of Omega-3’s daily.

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Best Use

This product is suitable for pets with skin allergies, skin sensitivities, or pets prone to excessive shedding.