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From Four Leaf Rover;

3 Steps To Help Beat The Yeast!

Is your dog constantly itchy? Chewing his paws? Losing hair? Does he have chronic ear infections?…

…It could be yeast.

The truth is, medication, vaccines and poor diet all breed harmful yeast growth which can put strain on your dog’s immune system leading to nasty and often time, chronic allergy-like symptoms. 

The best way to kill candida, fungal infections and yeast is in three simple steps… with three key products in our Yeast Bundle:

Step 1: Destroy Yeast's Coating Shield

Yeast species, like Candida, have a biofilm with a sticky coating.

This biofilm makes yeast resistant to immune cells which makes yeast flourish in your dog.

That’s why breaking down the biofilm barrier is a key step in crushing yeast.

By removing the protective coating from yeast, it enables anti-fungal herbs and foods to start working.

Yeast Guard is a blend of anti-fungal herbs and caprylic acid. This veterinary-formulated combo is a powerhouse made up of pau d'arco, organic olive leaf and sustainably grown organic goldenseal.

Step 2: Abolish & Clear Out Yeast

After the biofilm is ruptured, the anti-fungal herbs and foods can help remove the yeast.

HINT: It’s important to eliminate yeast’s food supply by feeding low-starch diets and staying away from chemicals and drugs that might contain heavy metals.

Yeast Guard is made up of crucial anti-fungal herbs that play an important part in breaking down the biofilm that’s protecting yeast, and then attacking the yeast itself. 

Step 3: Restore & Reload The Gut Bacteria

After addressing and attacking yeast, it’s time to address the root cause of it all… an inflamed leaky gut.

In the final step, it’s important to help soothe and heal the gut lining to prevent further yeast and bacterial overgrowth. 

Gut Guard can help replenish a proper gut flora with a synergistic blend of gut soothing herbs and probiotics.